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“Roya” brings back Kassem the life he deserves...

From under the rubble of war hope awakens, it grows and goes on. Roya is determined to work ensuring that the world is still producing good souls where peace, love, hope and support still exist.

Roya was able to present several development and aid projects through the span of 7 years which were mainly created for the purpose of providing job opportunities for the people. Roya believe that the real support is found within bringing back trust to the Syrians that were mostly affected by the ongoing war since they could take care of their own situation if they were put in the right environment and supportive sides.

Within the framework of its support for the continuous productive projects, which are concerned with supporting the affected men and women, and transforming them into effective producers, where dignity is mainly what any human deserves, Roya has had several stories with unknown heroes and others who insisted on appearing and talking about their experience with it.

Today’s story is about Kassem NasrAllah, the hero that wanted to talk about his experience with Roya to create an example of determination and persistence. Who said that the missiles of the war or the physical sufferings are enough to steal the soul within you?

The story began with Kassem from Erbin in the countryside of Damascus, where he was living a normal life with his family. Unfortunately, this didn’t last too long, Kasem was injured in the recent campaign launched by the Syrian regime on Ghouta. Sadly, the outcome was bad, his right leg was severely damaged, to the point that he was unable to work and move normally.

With the displacement campaign that uprooted the people of Ghouta and threw them away in the northern Syrian camps, Kassem moved away from his land and his family, so he left without his wife and children that he left there, hoping to go to Turkey for treatment, perhaps he would be able to start a new life.

All attempts failed to change Kassem reality. He was not treated and was unable to unite with his family. He kept sitting at home unable to walk or accomplish the simplest chores.

However, “Roya” managed to bring back Kassem self-confidence and his trust towards others and most importantly, “Roya” succeeded in bringing back hope in supportive producer to himself and his family. It got him out of the circle of need and put him on the road of production again. Kassem today works at his mini grocery market and earns his money cut from the efforts he provides, living life the way he deserves.

In conclusion, Mrs. Aswan Nahar, the founder of ‘Roya” that started holding the name “Noor to break the Siege” in the city of Ghouta specifically in the Eastern part of the city since the year 2014. The project of Mr. Kasem came within a series of other projects that had the main purpose of helping others especially the ones who were mostly affected within Syrians. These projects do not just aim to help financially as much as in the importance of their mental and social conditions.

She adds: “These events even though they are simple sometimes, they are still socially heavy. They are primary steps to a peaceful society that we all hope for in such a mess in the country.

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